Are you ready to craft an artist's life that is soul fulfilling and sell your art for what it's really worth?

  • If you find yourself bouncing between styles and feeling all over the place...

  • If you're comparing yourself to other artists...

  • If you feel pressured to paint "what's popular" and be like a production line...

  • If you look at a painting unsure if it's finished or ready to sell...

  • If you're feeling invisible on social media and not sure how to get noticed...

  • If you want to make work you actually love and sell to people who adore it...

  • If sales have slowed down and you don't know what to do....

YOU'RE NOT ALONE, we've been there and there's a better way.

Introducing the ORIGINART Membership

Where we work together to implement a framework that empowers you to...

  • Tap into your unique artistic voice and make the art only you can make.

  • Customise your creative process so you can generate and develop fresh ideas with a feeling of flow and abundance.

  • Learn how to structure offerings that align with YOU and your eager audience wanting to buy.

  • Craft and grow your sustainable and profitable art business driven by your unique purpose.


this isn’t just another course of techniques or tactics that leaves you wondering how to adapt it to your own practice, or feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do…

The membership is built on a foundational framework taught through a series of lessons and resources. Each month we implement an action-based plan so that you can craft your own systems of creating and selling that are grounded in who you are and the distinctive gifts you have to offer.When you combine these three powerful pillars, you can build the artist’s life you really want—feeling confident in your work and the value you create, and growing an audience of collectors willing to pay a premium for your art.

Authentic Core

Uncover who you really are – creating a vision that is in alignment with your true self.

Inspiration to Creation

Actually making work that YOU care about that is sustainable, inspiring, and you can offer to collectors.

Profit Systems

Optimising your art "offer" and business to attract your dream clients who are obsessed with your work as much as you.

see what others have to say about our community...

"If you are a creative, it will be the best thing you do for your artistic development. I am so grateful to have this group and Michele's fantastic and generous guidance."

– Lynelle M.


"Such an awesome and inspirational group. Seeing the transformation and growth of everyone in the group is wonderful. The support and advice is not only priceless but more importantly heartwarming and soul soaring. Michele you have created something really special. You should be proud and I am so grateful!

– Georgi H.


" I joined Michele's community last year during Covid and have recharged my creative journey. There are many challenges along the way but only you can make those changes! With Michele's encouragement and support (so much love!) I even managed to tackle a new website! The most profound thing that I learned was to be your own authentic voice! So many wonderful workshops and advice. Mentoring with Michele was really inspirational for me. Grateful!

– Stella Z.


"Woohoo! What a fantastic creative community to part of! Thank you @micheleluminatoart Looking forward to welcoming the newbies and getting stuck into the new course. Bring it on!!

– Vinette T.


more from our community

"You are so real and generous with your knowledge"

"So grateful to learn from you. Love our art chats and so inspired by everything going on here."

"I'm so grateful to be part of this group, you bring such authenticity, heart, experience, knowledge and fun."

"Michele you are so passionate about guiding us all to find and make our truest art."

"Loved this training. Has given me some new ideas to explore."

"This course is a life changer in so many ways!! Let you see the light, permission to be you, great community, no judgement just honesty."

"Without a doubt, this course is a complete "Game Changer". This is the best thing I have done for my art!!!"