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March 20 - 24

lessons all week:

Learn to work from your own zone of genius and the 3 most critical ingredients to creating ongoing breakthroughs.

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March 20 @ 11 AM Melb, Aus

1am London / March 19th for USA / 8pm NewYork / 5pm Los Angeles

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Over the 5 days YOU'LL LEARN

lesson #1:

How to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, and why creating breakthroughs on demand can change everything in your art practice and business.

lesson #2:

How to design breakthroughs in your art practice on demand to up-level and evolve your work continually and why your art collectors need you to do this.

lesson #3:

Learn the 5 stages in our art business, which breakthroughs are the most important for success, and the one thing that tripled my revenue per painting.

Michele Luminato, artist & your guide

I personally cannot wait to guide you through my process

Without a shadow of a doubt I truly believe we all have something special to share as artists. But getting what's inside of us "out" is the hard part and without insight from ongoing breakthroughs it can be an uphill battle. I'll break things down in simple, logical processes that help you discover how to create your own breakthrough blueprint on demand so that you can propel your work forward and leave the constant struggle behind. I use this in my own studio and helps me continually improve my work, and express my most inner voice. Now it's my turn to help you and other artists do the same. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions